Event Material Managment

Our Event Material Management (EMM) is an Application developed to support event material fulfillment and provide users the on-line ability to reserve and return meeting materials such as tabletop displays, signage, tablecloths and collateral material. It helps streamline the process of inventory management, procurement, distribution, and tracking of event materials. 

Inventory Management

The program maintains a centralized inventory database that tracks all event materials, including items such as signage, banners, promotional materials, and more. It keeps a record of the quantity, location, condition, and other relevant details of each item.

Resource Allocation & Scheduling

The program allows event organizers to allocate and reserve specific materials for different event activities or locations. It helps prevent double bookings or conflicts by providing a visual representation of material availability and usage.

Reporting & Analytics

The program offers reporting features that allow users to gain insights into material usage, inventory levels, and cost analysis. This helps event organizers make informed decisions about procurement, resource allocation, and budgeting.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts and notifications regarding shipment notices, low inventory levels, expiring materials, and upcoming deadlines for returning display materials. This helps event organizers stay on top of material management tasks.

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