Follow up your direct mail with an email

Did you know that more than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day? (Statista, 2021). Their is a likelihood your email advertisement is getting lost in customers’ inboxes, but your brand is more likely to be recognized (and your message more likely to be seen) after an initial letter/mail piece has been sent out. A week or more after mailing an advertisement to customers, drive real action by sending out a follow-up email which statistics show can increase response rates to 23-46%. Continue to follow up with email up to 4 times with each printed piece.

Create strong call to action for each marketing piece


3 simple tips to help with your campaign.

  1. Do your research and build solid mailing lists.
  2. Develop your message & carry through both your digital advertising and your print media.
  3. Decide on a visual appeal for both sides of your campaign. The creative assets for your email list blasts should coordinate well with any paid ads you’re using, plus the overall design of your direct mailer. Consistency helps build awareness and brand recognition. And consumers trust brands that they recognize.