Fulfillment for a Promotional Marketing Loyalty Program

About Promotional Marketing

Through their Holistic-Management approach, the Promotional Marketing Company (PMC) provides market sourcing, campaign management, e-commerce, as well as digital and print solutions. Founded in 2004, the PM has managed a worldwide marketing spend of over 3.5 Billion across 35,000 campaigns and 500 brands. Their programs are strategic and productive and continuously work to strengthen their clients Brand.


In 2017 the PMC was awarded a Consumer Goods Loyalty Rewards Program where consumers received gifts and coupons at redemption. The program required data exchange been various stakeholders as well as fulfillment of the redemption items. The PMC quickly recognized various areas in need of improvement such as data management, order turnaround, reporting, and shipment tracking, Encompass Elements had already successfully supported the PMC with several small challenging projects and therefore was selected as a 2nd tier supplier to management the fulfillment portion of the program.


To improve turnaround time and reporting Encompass Elements provided a dedicated transition team and a 2 phase inventory transition. We developed a customized shipping program which would provide tracking for various of-value products and assign and utilize the most cost-effective shipping method for that specific item.

The custom file-transfer program was a complex data exchange incorporating multiple files, international shipments, a back order system, push-to-order, custom documentation, notification and reporting, as well as internal piece to piece and shipment carrier tracking. Additionally, Encompass Elements provided a dedicated Replink360 site for inventory management, standard reporting and one-off ordering.


The program ultimately improved both the PMC and their stakeholders’ ability to better manage their portion of the program. 

 The data management stakeholder reported more timely and accurate post-back reporting and the client noted decreased in inventory discrepancy between ordering site and EE physical inventory.

Key Improvements

• Turnaround time from data
receipt through order fulfillment

was reduced from 6 weeks to 2

weeks improving overall loyalty

member satisfaction.

• Reduced shipping costs.

• Readily available, real time
reporting through Replink360

improved inventory management

and forecasting capability.

• Ability to provide the loyalty
member order tracking detail.

• Use of low-point thresholds and
related notifications ensured the

client was immediately aware

of inventory availability allowing

them to quickly react, ultimately

reducing out-of-stock instances and

back order.