President / Owner CEO

Mary Fox Donnelly grew the business out of a small screen printing company into the “Total Marketing Fulfillment Partners” company you see today. Mary is passionate about WBENC as demonstrated by her involvement in major WBENC events and service on a variety of committees. Regionally she serves on the Envoy Committee, the Women’s Business Enterprise Council, and is a Regional Sponsor. Mary enjoys spending time with family and friends at the Jersey Shore, is an active member of her church, and serves her church community.

Bill Scannapieco


As the COO, Bill is a master of balancing his professional responsibilities with his personal life. When he's not leading the company to new heights, you can find him on the golf course or cherishing meaningful moments with his beloved family, grandchildren and friends.

Gene Pfeiffer


Gene, a seasoned CFO with a keen eye for numbers, has a passion for exploring the world and supporting his beloved Philadelphia sports teams. When he's not keeping a sharp eye on the finances, you'll find him traveling to exciting destinations like Hawaii and Alaska, or cheering on the Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse Team.

Jennifer Grindle-Glorioso

VP Client Services

As VP of Client Services, Jennifer is known for her unparalleled commitment to both her clients and her personal life. When she's not working, Jennifer is likely spending quality time with her loved ones, taking in the beauty of nature on long walks and bike rides, or breaking a sweat through her dedicated fitness routine. Jennifer's passion for service extends beyond her professional career, as she is actively involved in her church community and enjoys organizing fundraisers and volunteering to give back to those in need.

Tracy Dennis

VP, Professional Services

As VP of Professional Services, Tracy is known for her knowledge of and dedication to Customer Success, Marketing and Technology. She has a passion for excellence and focuses her energy on making sure both internal and external customers achieve their intended outcomes. In her personal life, Tracy thoroughly enjoys entertaining and spending quality time with her family and friends. When she is not working you can find by her pool, at yoga class or surrounded by people.

Ed Narewski

Director of Marketing Integration

Ed is always on the lookout for new adventures both inside and outside of the office. When he's not driving innovative marketing initiatives forward, Ed loves to embark on exciting family adventures and create lasting memories. Ed is also an avid auto enthusiast and enjoys building race cars and judging concourse events. Additionally, Ed is constantly pushing the boundaries of his creativity through his work as a 3D maker, always eager to explore new possibilities and innovative techniques.

Lori McCool

Director, PMO & Technology Operations

As the Director of PMO & Business Analytics, Lori knows that success requires hard work and a healthy dose of adventure. When she's not working, Lori is likely out exploring the great outdoors, indulging her love for hiking and camping, and casting a line to satisfy her lifelong passion for fishing. Lori's adventurous spirit extends beyond the wilderness, as she is an avid traveler and loves spending time with her cherished family and friends.

Nadine Hodges

Director of Business Development

Nadine knows that success requires a balance of hard work and creativity. On the weekend, Nadine loves nothing more than spending her "Sunday Fun Day" with her beloved family and friends, cruising on a boat, discovering new restaurants, and indulging her artistic side. Her passion for creativity is reflected in her current projects, which include perfecting mandala dot art and creating beautiful handmade jewelry.

Stephen Scannapieco

Director of Quality

As a highly skilled Director of Quality, Stephen understands the importance of balancing his professional expertise with his personal passions. Stephen cherishes every moment he can spend with his beloved family, especially his son. In the summer, you're likely to find him soaking up the sun on the beach, riding bikes, and indulging his love for sports. Stephen's well-rounded approach to both his work and personal life is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills, which prioritize collaboration, attention to detail, and a focus on excellence.

Tara M. Delahanty

Director of Client Services of Delaware

Tara has over 25 years’ experience as an innovative, forward-thinking leader. She has a successful track record of building high performance teams, establishing, and growing business relationships while hyper focused on customer satisfaction. She specializes in partnering with clients on strategic initiatives. As someone always prepared to think outside the box, she is adept at taking on routine and complex business challenges with resourceful and creative approaches. If not at the Jersey shore or in Maine, she can be found exploring new things, traveling, hiking, and spending time with family.

Yogesh Patel

Senior Operations Manager

Yogesh, a seasoned Senior Operations Manager, knows the value of hard work and the importance of balance. When he's not overseeing complex operations, Yogesh treasures every moment he can spend with his loved ones, cherishing time with his family and close friends. Yogesh's commitment to his personal life is a reflection of his exceptional leadership style, which prioritizes teamwork, respect, and collaboration.

Carlos Guillen

Scheduling & Purchasing Manager

Carlos, an accomplished Scheduling & Purchasing Manager, is a master of balancing his professional expertise with his personal passions. When he's not skillfully managing scheduling and purchasing for his team, Carlos enjoys spending cherished moments with his beloved family, indulging his love for soccer, and staying on top of the latest tech gadgets through research and play. One of Carlos' most meaningful passions is using his time and talents to go on mission trips to build churches in other countries. Through his dedicated service, Carlos not only enriches the lives of those he serves but also embodies his deep commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

John Short

Inventory Warehouse Manager

John is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in inventory and warehouse management. He has experience coordinating multiple projects and meeting deadlines under pressure. John's industry experience includes expedited delivery service, automobile, and medical device manufacturing, automated storage and retrieval system, as well as large-scale distribution. During his time away from work, he enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and fishing. He is also actively involved in his church as a bible study teacher.