Utilizing QR Codes to drive Engagement

Once businesses began to reopen after the height of the pandemic, they needed a way for consumers to feel safe holding a menu or picking up printed collateral, while making it easy to guide them toward performing a desired activity. Enter the QR code.

The resurgence of the QR code is unlike any seen before in the direct marketing industry. An all-but-obsolete marketing method given new life – and not just a second chance – QR codes are everywhere: payment screens and coupon redemptions, viewing online restaurant menus, directing traffic to social media, websites and landing pages and more. Statista survey from 6/21 found that 45% of consumers in the US, most of which were aged 18 to 29, stated they had used a marketing-related QR code in the last three months. It was also found that 59% of respondents believed that QR codes would be a permanent part of mobile shopping going forward.